Family – Happy 4th Birthday!

Yesterday, we celebrated four years with this funny little girl. Happy birthday, Neely!


Family – Minnie Mouse Birthday Party


Since the packers are coming the day after little bit’s birthday, we went ahead and celebrated with her friends a few weeks ago. It always amazes me how decisive she is. Aidan never cared about his birthday party theme until this year. Neely chose Hello Kitty last year, and this year, she requested a Minnie Mouse party. As usual, I had lots of fun decorating and planning. 🙂


I used scrapbook paper and Minnie Mouse birthday printables purchased on Etsy to personalize drinks. (almost typed “drunks” there, tee hee!)

I used paper straws from Shop Sweet Lulu to make color-coordinated cake pops. Yum! (Note for future reference: cake pops are not a good idea at a four-year-old’s birthday party. Major mess on the floor from pops falling off sticks.)


Cupcakes, of course! Those printables did double duty for this party.

My big girl. She looks so pensive…like she’s thinking up a really good birthday wish. Those fun candles are also from Shop Sweet Lulu.

Blowing out candles…

Cousin Lycie is excited for her. 🙂

Enjoying the goodies…

Everyone went home with a polka dot cookie. I know. It’s shocking that after last year’s debacle with the Hello Kitty cookies, I actually attempted decorating sugar cookies again…with much greater success. It still probably won’t be a regular thing. I wouldn’t have done it this time if my “friend who makes cookies” hadn’t just had a baby!



Home School – Favorite Product


This is just a quickie post to let everyone know that I’m still here, and that we are surviving home school and packing for the move simultaneously. I took this photo on a whim the other day, and I’ve decided to share it. These magnetic foam letters are hands-down my favorite product for having school at home. They came from my local School Aids store. I have found about a bazillion uses for them in just a month’s time. Sometimes, I spell things on the chalkboard with them. Sometimes, we play letter Bingo with them. Sometimes, Aidan practices building his spelling words with them – which is really much more effective than having him copy them over and over and over, because these little boogers are just more fun. Neely likes to play with them, too. She lines them up all in a row on the chalkboard. I ask her what each letter is as she pulls them out of the jar, so she’s practicing her letters without really intending to. They are awesome! Does anyone else out there have ideas for more ways to use them?