Summer Fun – Blueberry Picking

This week, we went blueberry picking. It is one of my favorite things to do when summer arrives. There is nothing like paying $1.60 a pound for blueberries that taste so much better than what I normally find in the grocery store. The satisfaction of having collected them myself doesn’t hurt anything, either.

We always go with friends, so good conversation makes it fun and seem less like work. And regardless of how many other children are in the running, I always leave with the dirtiest two. 😉

If you’re in northern Louisiana, I highly recommend Blueberry Hill in Haughton. We spent two hours, paid $8, and came home with enough blueberries and blackberries to last us several months, along with the four jalapenos my boy stumbled upon and picked.



Crafty – Finger Knitting

I may have found my new favorite craft. Finger knitting! I pinned a tutorial on one of my Pinterest boards several months ago, bought a skein of yarn, and got myself too busy to try it out. I unearthed the yarn last week, and I decided to finally give it a go. I’m in love. It was so easy. One hour of television later, I had a fun scarf. I may have to make one in every color, since we will be moving to where winter actually exists this fall. I’m thinking I might start stockpiling them for Christmas gifts, too.