Sunrise and a Run


This is what the sky looked like from my front porch at 8:30 this morning. It was beautiful. Then, the sun promptly ran and hid behind a wall of gloomy gray. I’m still adjusting to that. Seeing the sun is a rare treat lately.

Then, since it was only 40 degrees this morning, I took my new kicks on a spin outside. I even jogged past another purple-faced masochist today. She even waved. It probably sounds silly, but it made my day to know that someone else was out there suffering right along with me.

I’m not sure whether to give credit to my new, lighter shoes (more on these babies later), or my updated, faster-paced playlist, but I ran my fastest 5K today. 31:00. Exactly. I know, because the fancy watch tells me so. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, Happy Halloween! Everybody stay safe, and don’t let the spooks get you!



I need a support group.


I’m making treat bags for Aidan’s Halloween party at school tomorrow. I think I need to join a support group for overachieving moms. Know of any? πŸ˜‰

Run – Disney’s Princess Half Marathon

Disney’s Princess Half Marathon. I have dreamed of running this race even before I knew I could make it 13.1 miles without dying. In February 2013, I’m going to do it! I love running, and I love all things Disney, so it’s a no-brainer. I’ll be meeting a friend or two in Florida, and we’re making a girls’ weekend out of it. I could not be more excited, and I’ve got to wait nearly four months until it’s time to go. πŸ™‚

That said, it feels good to have a goal again. I’m not very good at maintaining my distance when I don’t actually have a reason to. I started looking at some training calendars last week and realized that if I really intend to run this race, it’s time to get to work!

I’m trying a different training plan this time. On the Run Disney website, there are a few Jeff Galloway training plans to choose from. I read through them and decided to give the Experienced Runner, Goal: To Finish in the Upright Position plan a try. (I used one Hal Higdon’s Novice programs back in the spring.)

The new plan only requires two maintenance runs and one long run each week. I can work these in on the three days a week that both kiddos are at school. This plan allows for more rest days in between runs and seems a little more laid-back. Because it’s more flexible, I’ll be adding more cross-training than I was able to before. Since I will likely be doing a lot of running indoors due to the weather at my new location, I’m hoping this will keep me from getting really bored with the track and treadmill at the gym.

The only part of the Jeff Galloway plan that I’m unsure about trying is his run-walk-run method. I may try it on a long run and see what I think. (If anyone has opinions on this, I would love to hear them. ) You essentially choose the pace you’re trying to maintain, and run and walk at a certain ratio for the entire run. At my usual pace, I would be running three minutes and walking for one minute. It seems like that would get to feeling really choppy. I don’t know. I’m not opposed to walk breaks. I just don’t know if I need one every three minutes. Again, we’ll see.

I’ll keep you posted throughout my training. I’m only one week in, so there’s not much new or exciting happening thus far.


The Move

Wowee! Over a month has passed since I last updated the ol’ blog. Much has changed. I’ll give just a quick run-down for those not in “the loop.” πŸ˜‰

  • We rented our house.
  • We drove through six states, in three days, to arrive in our new home – North Dakota!
  • Both kids started new schools.
  • We moved into our new house.
  • We unpacked all the boxes! Putting it all away is a different story. Especially when you are missing your kitchen table legs and the shelves for a couple of crucial pieces of furniture.

That’s where we are so far. I could retell all the drama, but it would probably bore you to tears.

I will, hopefully, have a race on the horizon soon. I will share details as I know more. My training posts will probably start back up as I get into some more goal-focused running again. It will be interesting learning to train in a completely different climate. This morning, I ran in snow flurries for the first time. Ever. It was not a bad experience; it was just really, really different than what I’m used to.

Anyway, more to come! I’ll try not to be so much of a stranger now that the computer is up and running again.