Eat – Microwave Popcorn

Were you expecting me to recommend you go out and buy a box of Act II or Pop Secret? Not happening. We are, as a general rule, big fans of stove-popped popcorn around here. I usually do keep a box of the microwave variety around for when I’m feeling lazy, but by the time we get around to using the last few, they gross me out. They’ve been marinating in their own grease for so long that sometimes it is even leaking out of the plastic bag. Yikes!

I had a tip from a friend today, and I could not even wait three hours to try it. (Thanks, Lynley!) It was the perfect afternoon snack. All you need is a brown paper bag, a stapler, popcorn kernels, oil, and salt.

Here’s what you do:

1. Pour 1/4 cup popcorn kernels in the bottom of the brown paper bag.

2. Drizzle with oil. I will leave what kind up to you. My friend recommended olive oil. I don’t like a strong oil flavor on my popcorn, so I used canola. I think the type of oil you use is all about personal preference.

3. Fold the top of the bag over and staple. I used two. They did not spark. My microwave did not explode. Don’t panic.

4. Shake the bag to coat the popcorn kernels with oil.

5. Microwave. I just pushed the “Popcorn” button on my microwave. If you don’t have a popcorn button, set your microwave for 3-4 minutes on high and listen for it to stop popping.

6. Pour in a bowl, salt, and eat. (I think my friend actually added the salt before microwaving, but I forgot to do it then. It still tasted good when I added the salt afterward.)

I think Lynley said she discovered this method of popping popcorn watching Alton Brown. I personally have not seen the episode, as I only watch television that is automatically set up to record on my DVR. Regardless, it’s delicious, and I’m glad to have the real estate in the pantry back from the box of Act II, or Pop Secret, or whatever it was…



Photo – Thunderbirds

Over the weekend, our base hosted an air show. My boy wanted to go pretty badly, but his behavior at school last week was a bit off-kilter. His Daddy struck a deal with him. If he came home with a good report on Friday, he could go to the air show. It was not motivation enough.

Since we live so close by, though, we can hear when the jets are near. Every so often, we ran out into the back yard to see what we could see. The only thing I thought to snap photos of were the Thunderbirds. I love a good sun flare, even if it does make the rest of the photo a bit hazy.

What was my boy most impressed with? The B-2 that almost looked near enough to graze our chimney. He’s decided he’d like to fly one when he grows up. Lord, help me.

Photo – Home

I have fallen off the Project 52 wagon. One week I was completely uninspired, the next I missed the theme announcement, and after that, I quit trying. I accidentally stumbled upon last week’s theme – home.

Once upon a time, if you’d asked me what home was, I’d have told you “Franklin, Tennessee.” I’d have taken a photo somewhere in my hometown, or of my parents’ house – the house I grew up in.

We have lived in Louisiana for several years now, but in the last year, I feel like we have finally put down roots by buying our first house – even though those roots may soon be ripped out from under us. (If you are a praying person, please pray that we don’t have to move. We love it here!)

Ultimately, though, home can be anywhere as long as my family is with me. I think this photo of Neely and me adequately portrays the theme. The irony is that it was taken in the hammock in my Mom & Dad’s back yard while we were visiting for Spring Break.

Eat – Low Calorie Lunch

When I returned home from Spring Break, I started counting calories. Before anybody jumps all over me about how I don’t need to lose weight – I know. That’s not really the point this time around. I knew without a race looming in the future, I wouldn’t be putting quite as much mileage on the ol’ legs. I’m adjusting my eating habits to compensate, so I don’t blow up like a balloon until I decide to train for another race.

I made this yummy low calorie lunch the other day, and I enjoyed it so much I thought I’d share. It’s easy and fresh, and if you’re trying to avoid processed foods, it almost nails it. Almost.

To make my chicken salad, I combined 3 ounces of chopped chicken (I had some leftover from dinner earlier in the week), 1 stalk of celery, chopped, a dash of white wine vinegar, 1/2 tbsp. mayonnaise, and a little bit of salt and pepper. Mix that all up in a bowl. I really like fresh dill in my chicken salad. If you have some, add it. I didn’t have any this time. Scoop the chicken salad into romaine lettuce leaves and eat taco-style. I also included a side of carrots and hummus for a total calorie count of 376.

It’s filling and delicious and doesn’t look too shabby on the plate. Very colorful.


Running – Race Pics

As promised, I am sharing some photos from my Rock and Roll Half Marathon experience in Dallas. Here we are, while the sun is barely up, waiting for the train. Aidan thinks I’m going to be number one, bless his sweet little heart. Neely is clearly eager to have her photo taken.

Next up, the potty line. I told you there were photos! The video is on my dad’s phone. Darn!

And here I am, after using the port-o-potty. It’s not a flattering photo of me. I only share it because I got a great chuckle out of the man behind me and to the left. Is he grabbing his butt or what?

Nana and Neely before the race. Super silly face. At least she’s not hiding.

Waiting to start. That’s me right in them middle, in the hot pink visor. 🙂


Waiting for me at the finish. They’re miserable. Poor little boogers.

Mom’s waiting, too. Dad took these photos for me, by the way. Cool sun flare, Pops.

Look! Here I come! It was super cool running through Fair Park at the end of the race. There were lots of colorful things to distract me.

I did it! I finished! I have my medal! And I have another child with no desire to be photographed with me. What gives?