Disneyland or Disney World?

walt-disney-world-----sir-alistair-rai-u634yalpWhich park is best for your family? Disneyland or Disney World?

While there is no simple answer to that question, I stumbled upon this cool graphic on Preschoolears the other day that might come in handy. 🙂Remember, you can always e-mail me when you’re ready to plan! audra@atimetotreasuretravel.com


Winter Motivation (or lack thereof)

Does anyone else have trouble motivating themselves to get to the gym in the winter months? This year, it has been a major problem for me. I can always think of something I’d rather do – drink a second cup of coffee, catch up with everyone I’ve ever met on Facebook, reply to e-mail from two months ago, wash my hair…you get the basic idea.

This time last year, I was a month away from a half marathon. Scheduling a race in the middle of winter was probably the best idea I ever accidentally had. I can’t race without training. Not being able to finish scares me. So I kept that race in sight, bundled myself up, and trekked to the gym at least three times a week, and I ran…and ran and ran and ran.

I have absolutely nothing to train for right now. I hunted for something, anything I could sign up for. There are no races in this part of the country, to speak of, until April or May. Even then, the good ones require travel that I can’t commit to at this point. It’s frustrating.

I do other exercises at home, so don’t be worrying that I’ve turned into a complete bum. I’m certain my cardio is not what it used to be, though. I really wish I had my own treadmill. Then I could watch TV all morning AND get a good run in. Santa? Are you listening? Treadmill next year. For serious. Especially if I’m living in North Dakota indefinitely.

What do you do to motivate yourself when it’s cold and depressing outside?

A little Disney talk over breakfast…

Space Mountain

Conversations about our next trip to Disney World are totally normal around here…even though our next trip isn’t even “on the books” yet. This one occurred between my boy and I over breakfast, and it was too good not to share.

Aidan: Remember Mission to Mars?

Me: Mission Space?

Aidan: Yeah. That was fun. Remember how it spins?

Me: I do, but you don’t. I’m the only one of us who’s ever ridden that version. It’s awful!

Aidan: (laughing) Yeah…I think when I ride it, I might throw up.

Me: You know, if you think you want to try the spinning version of Mission Space, you shouldn’t be afraid of the roller coasters.

Aidan: Moo-oooom, I’m afraid of heights. Remember?

Me: Well, there a couple of roller coasters at Disney that are inside buildings. You can’t tell if you’re up high or not. They might not be so bad.

Aidan: Like Space Mountain?

Me: Yes! You would probably love that one. It feels like you’re in space!

Aidan: So you can’t breathe? Because if you were actually in space, you wouldn’t be able to breathe.

Me: Touche. It looks like you’re in space.

Smart aleck. I’m totally dragging him on Space Mountain on our next trip. Payback, buddy. 😉



DSC_0159What is your sunrise like today?

A little bit of color was starting to peek out from behind my neighbors’ houses when I put my boy on the school bus this morning. There was just a hint of pinky-orange sneaking out from behind the rooftops.

When I walked by the window again a while later, I was treated to this gorgeousness. This photo is straight out of the camera – no filters or editing. We definitely get to see some beautiful sunrises here in North Dakota. 🙂

Happy Friday! I hope you everyone has a great weekend!

Princess Running Costumes

This time last year, I was getting ready to run Disney’s Princess Half Marathon. I really, really, really wish I were going back this year, but it was not meant to be. 

Since I can’t go myself, I am living vicariously through my internet running friends who are! I love seeing pictures of the events, the costumes, the medals. It’s so much fun.

For kicks, I’ve been looking at princess running costume pictures, trying to decide who I’d have dressed as if I were racing this year.

Anna Running Costume

Anna from Frozen tops the list. I mean, really. How cute is this? That skirt is amazing. And my hair is already the right color. I could just braid it and go! No yarn wig necessary. 😉

Elsa Running CostumeThis Elsa-inspired costume is lovely, too. The manicure might be a bit much, though. And the sleeves would need to be shorter. Or maybe a tank and some arm warmers instead?

Fairy Godmother

This Fairy Godmother costume is awesome. No, she’s not a princess, but Cinderella would never have met Prince Charming if not for Fairy Godmother. This costume just looks really comfy. I’d probably spend the entire race with “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo” stuck in my head, though.

So ladies and gentlemen (because I definitely saw some male princesses last year), who are you running as this year? I’d love to hear! And see!

Even though you’ve seen it before, you’re gonna see it again…here’s last year’s Rapunzel get-up live and in person – post race, so please excuse the fact that I am a hot mess. Florida humidity is no joke. I still dig that costume, though. It’s a shame I didn’t take along my cast-iron skillet.

Post Race Rapunzel

If you’re running this year’s Princess race, good luck! You’ll love it!

(And if you still need a place to stay, e-mail me: audra@atimetotreasuretravel.com)



DSC_0153My little man came home from school today, and when he came in to see me, I noticed something looked a little…off. One of his front teeth has been wiggling pretty good for a few weeks now, and one side of it finally gave up the ghost. It was pretty hilarious looking.

He spent a good while in front of the bathroom mirror this afternoon wiggling and tugging at it. I have a pile of bloody tissues in the trash can to prove it. He put in a good effort, especially considering the trauma surrounding the loss of his first tooth.

Oh, you didn’t hear about that? One of his new bottom teeth started growing in behind the baby teeth. I was about to start calling him Shark Boy. My husband spent a good long while with a piece of dental floss and finally forced the baby tooth out, because it was getting to where we wouldn’t be able to grab onto it anymore. That sucker had one, crazy long root still attached when it came out. I’d never seen anything like it. Yuck.

Anyway, I knew this front tooth had to come out tonight. My husband was unable to help this time, but he, of course, reiterated what I already knew and insisted that I pull the tooth tonight.

I had to psych myself up for it after dinner. I’m sorry, but in my mind, tooth pulling is Dad stuff. I can’t remember my mother ever pulling one of my teeth. They either fell out, or my dad whacked me on the back of the head as he jerked them out.

I wrapped a piece of dental floss around that wobbly tooth, tied it once, and gave it a good jerk. Crying ensued. There was blood. Everywhere. I’m glad I had the forethought to bring an old towel. Did it come out on the first try? Of course not. It very nearly did. I let the boy rinse and spit a few times to get rid of the blood, grabbed hold of it with a paper towel, and gave one last yank.

DSC_0157The tooth came out! Praise Jesus! He looks so old now, though. 😦 This guy will turn eight in just two months.

Say what? I know. I’m not old enough to have an eight year old. And why is he losing these teeth? It seems like we were just celebrating his getting teeth. *sigh* If I keep going down this path, I’m going to get depressed. If the next eight years fly by as quickly as the first eight have…I don’t want to think about it. Teenagers are scary.

But for now…hooray! The tooth fairy comes tonight! I wonder if she uses a headlamp. 😉

Headlamp Shenanigans

I’m warning you – this is going to be random. It’s been a while, and I just want to write something. I’ve been working on a lot of vacation planning lately, but that’s not likely to interest you…unless it’s your trip. 😉

Instead, I will tell you about the crazy random thing that has been amusing the heck out of me the last few days – the Petzl headlamp that I got for Christmas. We opened gifts with my parents via Skype before traveling to Texas for the holidays, and they gave me this super great headlamp.

See, when it’s actually warm enough to go running outside, I have to get up super early to manage it before my husband goes to work. And it’s DARK. And sometimes, I like to be lazy and not put my contacts in. So it’s dark, and I’m blind. I’m fairly certain I have leapt over grease spots on the pavement thinking they were something dangerous more than once. It’s probably funny to watch, if you happen to be up at o’dark-thirty. All that to say, this weirdo asked for a headlamp for Christmas.

I completely forgot I had it until I starting picking up and putting away Christmas decor the other day. I rediscovered my headlamp under the tree! It was like Christmas all over again! When I unpacked it and put batteries inside? Even better. My headlamp can be bright. My headlamp can be dim. My headlamp can blink. My headlamp can also perform those tricks with a red light instead of light.


I’ve been having lots of fun with my headlamp. When I unpacked it, my boy was in the shower. So I did what any normal parent would do and turned the lights out on him, ripped open the curtain, and blinded him with my headlamp! Hilariously awesome.

I may or may not have also snuck back into my kids’ bedrooms after tucking them in and scared them with it.

And I definitely wandered around getting ready for bed with all the lights off…BECAUSE I COULD.

If you don’t own a headlamp, I highly recommend them. I’m trying to come up with more shenanigans I can use it for until running outdoors is in season again. 🙂