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Run – Week One Disney Princess Half Marathon Training

This week marked the beginning (officially) of my training for the 2017 Disney Princess Half Marathon! While I’d love to be able to say that I pulled it all off flawlessly, I can’t.


The last couple of weeks have been CRAZY around here. My busy season for work is in full swing. I’m still trying to finish a Halloween costume. I had a field trip to attend, and I’d volunteered to donate treats for an event at the school. That would have been more than enough to do, but then, we had several things break down in the house and on my car. It feels like I’ve spent all my time either driving back and forth to the service center or waiting on repair men at home, trying to squeeze the other things I need to do in between. Oh, and the day after I picked up my car for the second time? I totally backed into another mom after school.


I was supposed to have done a 45-minute maintenance run on Monday and Wednesday, and a 3-mile long run on Friday. What I actually did? I managed one 45-minute maintenance run on Tuesday and a 5-mile run on Friday. I guess I technically just skipped one maintenance run, and I ran too far for the long run. I’m not too terribly heartbroken. Next week will be better. It has to be.

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A new race on the calendar!

As many of you know, registration for the 2017 Disney Princess Half Marathon at Walt Disney World opened up to the general public last week. I’ve wanted to repeat this race since I first participated in 2013, but I haven’t had the opportunity. All the stars have aligned, and I will be going back in 2017!


What’s really fun is, once I put it out there on the Internet that I’m registered, I learned that a lot of people I know are running. AND I recruited a friend to come and make it her very first half marathon! AND she is inviting everyone she knows to come along, too. If I’m honest, so am I. “Come! Run with me!” “Come! Be my cheerleader!” I’m pretty excited. I just can’t seem to help myself.

Once the kids are back to school (in less than a month?!), I’ll have to get serious about running again. We haven’t broken up completely, but I haven’t trained for any kind of long distance since January. Of last year. I’ve lifted weights and done a lot of other things, but I haven’t run farther than three or four miles in quite some time. It will definitely be a challenge with the hills and altitude that I have to contend with now.


I snapped this photo one morning while walking Hank. It’s a little tricky to tell, but our neighborhood is nestled right up next to the mountains. There’s a running/biking path…at the bottom of the hill. No matter what I do, the last mile back to my house? Straight up. I may need to leave the neighborhood to find a path that won’t try to kill me.

Regardless, this is happening. I’ll have another one of these beauties to add to my collection come February! Now, to figure out my costume….



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My Favorite runDisney Costumes…for now

This week, Disney runners are packing up their tutus and donning their mouse ears, gearing up for 2016’s Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. I am more than a little jealous. One day, I will be closer. One day, I will run all the races. Today…well, today is not that day.

Until then, let’s take a look at some of my (latest) favorite costumes from past runDisney events! As a warning, you won’t find any princesses here. There’s an entire race in February just for them.


Let’s begin with Cinderella’s stepsisters – Anastasia and Drizella. This has long been a favorite of mine, but I’ve never had a runDisney buddy to try it with.


Of course, I have to include Cruella de Vil. You’ve seen her here before, and you’ll probably see her again. I tried to recreate this one myself, but I didn’t look near as awesome as Kelly does.


Russell & Kevin from Up! Again, I’d need a buddy. I’d also need that buddy to let me be Kevin.




This BB-8 costume is outstanding. This gal was at a different Disney event, but I saw something very similar at the Star Wars 10K last January while waiting to begin. HER ARMS ARE INSIDE. I prayed that poor girl wouldn’t trip.


Are there any Inside Out fans among us? This is a great idea for a large group.

This last one is my very favorite…


The Disneyland Churro! Click over and read the post. That costume is SCENTED! I’ll bet there were a lot of runners craving churros that day.

No matter what race you’re running this weekend, good luck to you, costumed wonders!


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More GoPro – Magic Kingdom

I’ve finally finished putting the rest of the GoPro videos from our Disney trip together. We spent our last day in the Magic Kingdom, and we went to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party that night. It was a lot of fun. Enjoy the video!

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Disney 2014 – Hollywood Studios

I put our Hollywood Studios day into a video. I stayed in the park all day, the day after the race. I’m either a crazy person, or those compression sleeves I wore for 24 hours straight are magical! Maybe a little of both.

Tip: If you’re visiting Disney World and didn’t manage to pull off the FastPass to meet Anna & Elsa at the Magic Kingdom, take your Frozen lover to the sing-along at Hollywood Studios. It was my daughter’s favorite part of the trip!

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Disney 2014 – Animal Kingdom & Magic Kingdom

On our first day at Disney World, we spent part of the day at Animal Kingdom and part of the day at the Magic Kingdom. I missed some of the Animal Kingdom adventures, because I took a midday detour to the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex to pick up my race bib for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon.

Good times. You’ll start to see a few of our Memory Maker photos here. I really love this photo package that Disney offers now. As part of the package, you get unlimited downloads of all photos taken of your family by Disney photographers during your trip. Which means, this time, there are actually a handful of photos with me in them! You know, to prove I actually went on the trip. (ha!)

We knew we’d be back in the Magic Kingdom later in the trip, so this was a very laid-back day. We ate lunch, watched the parade, ate ice cream, rode a few rides, and were out of the park by 6:00pm. We rode the ferry across the lake to the Polynesian Resort, where we enjoyed dinner at ‘Ohana. I think we were back in our room by 9:00pm, which is fairly early when you’re working on Disney time. 😉 It gave us a chance to make use of our balconies for a bit of relaxation. My brother’s and parents’ rooms had a great view of the fireworks show at EPCOT. (which means this travel agent now knows what room to request for you)

It was a fun first day at Disney World. At this point, I wasn’t worried one bit about being too worn out for the race the next evening. More on that soon, though.

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Countdown – 1 Week till Disney World!



Only one more week until my family’s next Disney vacation! I’m so excited! I’m so excited that, even though I talked about it just the other day, I’m going to talk about it again. 🙂

This trip will be my second visit to Disney World this year, and it will also be my second time staying at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. This wasn’t our original plan. We wanted to stay at Boardwalk Inn, but when military rates came out, there weren’t rooms available for our travel dates there. Yacht Club was available and still in the EPCOT resort area, so we went with it.

It is lovely, isn’t it? These are my photos from my trip in March. I can’t wait to get “home.” I can’t wait to be part of my nephews’ first time meeting Mickey Mouse. I can’t wait to hug my Mom & Dad. I’m really excited about experiencing the Food & Wine Festival for the first time, too. I think I am even going to have a roller coaster buddy this time around. My little daredevil is finally tall enough, and she says she is IN! Whoop! Whoop!

Anyway, I hope I’m not making everyone crazy. You’ll probably get to see me packing to go, too. I apologize for that in advance.

And in case I don’t have time to swing back by here tomorrow (which is entirely likely since I still have costumes to wrap up and I managed to volunteer myself at both kids’ class parties), HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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Royal Coronation


A “chill” is in the air! “Freeze” the date of September 24th 2014! More “icy” details for this exclusive event, coming soon!

What can it be??? I promise, I will share as soon as I can. Just know that it’s exciting!

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Magical Monday – Accommodations (Moderate Resorts)

It’s time to step it up to the next level of Disney resort accommodations – the moderate resort. These resorts really are wonderful for families and Disney travelers of all shapes and sizes. The room sizes are slightly larger than those at the value resorts, and in all but one (Caribbean Beach), you will find queen-sized beds instead of the double beds that you’ll sleep in at a value resort.

You will begin to see more amenities at the moderate resorts. The swimming pools have water slides. Instead of only one bus stop at the main building, there are several stops around the resorts where you can catch a bus to the parks. At both Port Orleans resorts, the ferry will be an additional transportation option to Downtown Disney. Moderate resorts have food courts for quick-service dining and table service restaurants as well, with the exception of Port Orleans French Quarter (only has a food court). If you’re using the Disney dining plan, you’ll have more options close to “home” where you can use your meal credits.

Disney’s moderate resorts are: Caribbean Beach, Coronado Springs, Port Orleans Riverside, Port Orleans French Quarter, and The Cabins at Fort Wilderness.

Caribbean Beach resembles a tropical paradise. Here, you’ll find swaying palm trees, lush vegetation, white sand beaches, and colonial architecture. This is the only moderate resort that has double beds in the rooms. If you’re looking for a room that is fun for little boys, consider one of Caribbean Beach’s pirate rooms. Your little swashbucklers will get to lay their heads in a ship-shaped bed!

Coronado Springs feels very Southwestern, with rooms housed in casitas surrounding a 15-acre lake. One of the most memorable features at this resort is the pool area, which is built around a Mayan pyramid replica. Rooms here will have queen beds.

Port Orleans French Quarter evokes the Antebellum era of New Orleans with cobblestone streets and wrought-iron balconies. Mardi Gras characters and jazz music complete the feel. The purple and gold will make Louisiana fans feel right at home. 🙂

Port Orleans Riverside almost feels like two resorts, because there are two distinctly separate themed areas – Alligator Bayou and Magnolia Bend. The rooms in Alligator Bayou are rustic and handcrafted, as though you are “living off the land.” Even the carpet looks like wood grain. There are rooms in Alligator Bayou with two queen beds and a day bed – perfect for families of five who have trouble finding a room that is the right fit.

The buildings in the Magnolia Bend section of Port Orleans Riverside look like old South plantation homes. There are standard rooms in Magnolia Bend, but this is also where you will find the royal rooms. Princess Tiana has invited all her princess friends to visit, and they have left special touches and gifts all over these rooms. The extra-special touch is the headboards. Turn them on, and you can watch a fiber optic fireworks display as you drift to sleep.

The Cabins at Fort Wilderness are the only way to get a full kitchen without reserving a deluxe villa. They are located in the forest area at Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. These cabins are a great option for large families who want to stay together instead of splitting into multiple rooms at another resort. A cabin will sleep 6, plus one child age 2 or younger. There are wonderful trails here, relaxing pools, and an evening campfire where you can roast s’mores. This resort makes it easy to forget that Disney World’s four busy parks are just a short drive away.

There really is an excellent choice for most everyone within Disney’s moderate resort tier. My family has stayed at two out of the five, and I enjoyed both. 🙂

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