The Best (Worst) Mother’s Day Photo Ever

I was finally able to find the cable to connect my camera to the computer, and when I uploaded the photos, I found something I just knew you’d all love.

At some point, I ruined my kids for having their photo taken. On Mother’s Day, after a lovely brunch with friends at Elevation at the Minot Country Club, I had the bright idea to try and snap a quick picture with my children. It’s probably because I’d already scrolled through 223 of my friends’ photos on Facebook and Instagram with their well-dressed, smiley-faced kids happily posing with their mothers, looking like they all love one another dearly.

This is how the other half lives. One of my children is hiding. The other is trying to escape. And oh, my goodness, my hair. The North Dakota wind has it looking really beautiful. It’s definitely the best/worst Mother’s Day photo I’ve ever had taken. Enjoy!




It’s Mother’s Day again!

It’s that time of year again – the time when we all celebrate the wonderful ladies who make this world we live in possible. Because really, where would any of us be without our mothers? Absolutely nowhere, that’s where.

Last year, I talked all about my mom and her mom. If it crosses your mind today, please pray for my mama and her brother and sisters. This is their first Mother’s Day without their mother. I’m not dwelling here. I’m trying not to make myself sad today.

This year, I want to take a different approach and celebrate the little people who turned me into a mother. 🙂

Aidan Soccer-2

This guy. He came first, bursting onto the scene almost a month early. Who does that? First babies are supposed to be late! That’s what everybody says, anyway. I was NOT READY. I mean, I thought I was. I knew I wanted the little alien invader out of my body, but I didn’t realize that I was absolutely clueless when it came to actually caring for a real, live baby.

I am so thankful for the friends who helped me survive my first day as a mother – the friend who helped me find my husband that day, the friend who sat with me in my hospital room until aforementioned husband’s airplane returned and he could be there with me, the friend who rifled through my belongings and finished packing my hospital bag for me, and all the friends who visited us, brought gifts and meals, and encouraged us as we began this crazy adventure called parenting.

And of course, I’m thankful for my own mother, who helped me even though I’m fairly certain she thought I was doing everything wrong. Actually, she may still think this.

Silly Faces 2

A couple years later, this girl made me a mom of two. She also arrived almost a month early. This is when I learned that the babies aren’t the problem. Apparently, I am. I haven’t had a boring day since.

Silly Faces

See? I told you. 😉

Even on the days that I’ve impaled my foot on a Lego, found half a tube of toothpaste squirted into the sink, picked up 10 dozen dirty socks from around the house, listened to “You’re weird,” “No, you’re weird,” “No, you’re weird,” for 20 minutes straight, felt like both a bus driver and a short-order cook, and been told that I smell funny because, hey, who has time to shower? I still love these guys. I’m proud of them and of the people they’re becoming, and I wouldn’t change a minute of our adventure…except for maybe those 4 years where I never slept.