A new race on the calendar!

As many of you know, registration for the 2017 Disney Princess Half Marathon at Walt Disney World opened up to the general public last week. I’ve wanted to repeat this race since I first participated in 2013, but I haven’t had the opportunity. All the stars have aligned, and I will be going back in 2017!


What’s really fun is, once I put it out there on the Internet that I’m registered, I learned that a lot of people I know are running. AND I recruited a friend to come and make it her very first half marathon! AND she is inviting everyone she knows to come along, too. If I’m honest, so am I. “Come! Run with me!” “Come! Be my cheerleader!” I’m pretty excited. I just can’t seem to help myself.

Once the kids are back to school (in less than a month?!), I’ll have to get serious about running again. We haven’t broken up completely, but I haven’t trained for any kind of long distance since January. Of last year. I’ve lifted weights and done a lot of other things, but I haven’t run farther than three or four miles in quite some time. It will definitely be a challenge with the hills and altitude that I have to contend with now.


I snapped this photo one morning while walking Hank. It’s a little tricky to tell, but our neighborhood is nestled right up next to the mountains. There’s a running/biking path…at the bottom of the hill. No matter what I do, the last mile back to my house? Straight up. I may need to leave the neighborhood to find a path that won’t try to kill me.

Regardless, this is happening. I’ll have another one of these beauties to add to my collection come February! Now, to figure out my costume….




Disney Princess Half Marathon 2015…it’s coming!



Disney’s Princess Half Marathon will always hold a special place in my heart, since it was the first (and so far only!) runDisney event I participated in. A lot of races I’ve run feel competitive and intimidating to me, but not this one. This one feels warm and fuzzy and girly and pink and just super FUN! Not to mention, I’m a big fan of a race where you can wear a sparkly costume and not get funny looks from the other runners.

The date for the 2015 Princess Half Marathon Weekend is February 19-22, 2015. This year, you can sign up for the Disney Princess 5K, the Disney Enchanted 10K, or the Disney Princess Half Marathon. You can also register to run the Glass Slipper Challenge, which includes Saturday’s 10K and Sunday’s half marathon.

When is registration for this magical event? It’s coming soon! Registration opens on July 15th at noon EST. You’ll want to be at your computer ready to register on runDisney’s website if you’d like to participate. These events sold out super fast last summer!

Watch the blog for a fun giveaway in conjunction with registration day. You can also find me on Facebook as Audra Disney-Travel Planner Owens for updates on what I’m giving away and how to enter! 🙂