Summer Rainbow


I meant to share this right after it happened, but I set the camera aside and promptly forgot about it. One of our first nights in Albuquerque, we had this great storm with hail and lightning and all kinds of good stuff. It lasted about an hour, and when it was over with, we were treated to this beautiful double rainbow. The photo was a fun surprise to find when I finally did get the camera out again!


The Best (Worst) Mother’s Day Photo Ever

I was finally able to find the cable to connect my camera to the computer, and when I uploaded the photos, I found something I just knew you’d all love.

At some point, I ruined my kids for having their photo taken. On Mother’s Day, after a lovely brunch with friends at Elevation at the Minot Country Club, I had the bright idea to try and snap a quick picture with my children. It’s probably because I’d already scrolled through 223 of my friends’ photos on Facebook and Instagram with their well-dressed, smiley-faced kids happily posing with their mothers, looking like they all love one another dearly.

This is how the other half lives. One of my children is hiding. The other is trying to escape. And oh, my goodness, my hair. The North Dakota wind has it looking really beautiful. It’s definitely the best/worst Mother’s Day photo I’ve ever had taken. Enjoy!



Back to School: 2015 Edition

After what may have been the shortest summer ever, my kids started school again this week. It’s always a bittersweet day. Combine the excitement of a new year, new teacher, and new friends with the sadness of losing the ability to wake on your own every morning, ride bikes, and eat popsicles all day with the glorious anticipation of finally having five consecutive minutes without a child asking me for something (usually the aforementioned popsicles) and you get the first day of school.

Neely climbed into bed with me sometime the night before, so when 7:00am came and her alarm started playing…well, it wasn’t very helpful. At 7:15am, I threw back the blackout curtains, opened the blinds, and watched the vampire burn. (I’ve discovered Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns on Pivot. Sue me.) Anyway, she grumpily clomped down the stairs in search of a darker spot and decided the kitchen floor was good enough. That’s when I decided to take the first of the first day of school pictures.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 8.35.04 PMThe worst part of the school year is getting this little darling out of bed each morning. Last year, I kept hoping it would get easier. It didn’t. She’s just not a morning person. Ah, well.

Everyone did manage to get dressed, eat breakfast, have lunch packed, and do their chores on time. They even left me enough time to take MORE pictures. (bwoah-ha-ha-ha…)


My first grader. She perked up pretty well.


My fourth grader. He’s my early riser. This little man has been up at 7:00am every day, all summer long. He gets himself dressed and makes his bed without being asked. Thank goodness one of them makes mornings easier.


Of course, I had to take a sweet pic of the two kiddos together. And then this happened…




I literally laughed out loud when I found those in the camera. I remember telling them to act silly and snapping a few pictures really quickly, but I was so intent on putting the camera away and getting everyone to school on time that I didn’t realize what I’d gotten.

In case you were wondering, they both have had a great first week so far. They like their teachers. They have friends in their classes. The love riding bikes and scooters to school and home with all their Rockridge friends. I have high hopes for this year. I’m glad it’s all beginning well.


North Dakota Sunflowers

A little something a didn’t know about before I moved to North Dakota? The sunflowers. There are fields and fields of them all around us in this part of the state. I can’t actually tell you about everywhere else, as I haven’t left Minot since June. But here, you can’t drive anywhere without seeing them right now. They are beautiful.

I mean, I knew sunflowers are beautiful. I’ve seen a few of them here and there in my lifetime, but I had no idea how incredible it is to see an entire field of them. The kids and I finally went out and find some to take photos of yesterday. When we started out, I was afraid we wouldn’t have much luck. The first few fields we visited, the flowers were already looking droopy and sad.

Not to worry. We found some good sunflowers before it all was said and done.


Oh, look! There’s an adorable little girl out there, too!

Frolicking in sunflowers isn’t for you if you are afraid of bees. They’re everywhere!


There are no pictures of the boy. He didn’t want to get out of the car.


I’m glad I remembered to bring my LensBaby. This photo is my favorite. That isn’t a filter – the lens actually bends the light to make the image blurry. It’s so cool!

Now that we’ve seen the sunflowers up close and personal, my summer 2014 bucket list is complete. School, you may commence. In a week.


DSC_0159What is your sunrise like today?

A little bit of color was starting to peek out from behind my neighbors’ houses when I put my boy on the school bus this morning. There was just a hint of pinky-orange sneaking out from behind the rooftops.

When I walked by the window again a while later, I was treated to this gorgeousness. This photo is straight out of the camera – no filters or editing. We definitely get to see some beautiful sunrises here in North Dakota. 🙂

Happy Friday! I hope you everyone has a great weekend!

School Pictures

Today is picture day at school for Aidan. While the other moms were talking about what their kids would wear or how they would be fixing their (girls’) hair, I must confess that I am really not holding my breath for a good picture. Why? Because the older he gets, the less cooperative my boy is on picture day.

I didn’t buy him anything shiny and new to wear today. I just chose a polo shirt from the summer that is still in decent shape and a nice-ish pair of shorts. Even so, he had to layer a shirt of his choosing underneath the polo. I assume he intends to discard my choice of shirt after the photo is taken. He wasn’t incredibly happy that I made him wear real sandals and carry his sneakers for gym in his backpack, but he did it. He may have changed his shoes the instant he got to school, though. I have no idea.

Maybe my most favorite part is that you have to spend money and order a package of photos sight unseen. Do you want to see how his pictures turned out last spring? I know you do. These are almost good enough for Awkward Family Photos.

Scan 132670001-2Have you ever seen someone happier to be sitting by the lake?

Scan 132670001-3Or in the forest?

Scan 132670001Or by the sea?

Scan 132670001-4I don’t even know what to call this last one. Sketchy cabin? Maybe the wary, miserable look is warranted here. Who knows what’s going on in there!

Who decided these weird backgrounds were a good idea? Get my kid to smile, and I really don’t mind if he’s only sitting in front of a boring blue background. I promise.

You’re lucky I am not in possession of some of my own strange 1980’s school photos. I’m sure they are a sight to behold.