It’s runDisney costume time again!

The countdown is on! I’ll be runningDisney at the Wine & Dine Half Marathon in just 64 days, so you know what that means…it’s time to start creating my costume.

I have changed my mind eleven bazillion times for this one. First, I wanted to run as Anna from Frozen. 

Anna Running Costume

Then, I wanted to run as Olaf from Frozen.

And now? Well, I’ve decided that since by November, I will actually BE frozen, I want to dress up as something other than a snowman, or an ice queen’s little sister.

I’ve scoured the Internet for ideas, and I’m down to two favorites…


Option #1


Option #2

Option #2

I am definitely leaning toward one over the other, but….what do you think? Cruella or Mary?


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One thought on “It’s runDisney costume time again!

  1. Nana says:

    You know I’ll always vote for Cruella. 🙂

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