Back to School 2014

I have really big kids now. I blinked my eyes, and suddenly I’m packing lunches and dropping everybody off at the elementary school in the morning. The first day of school was a little rocky for me, but otherwise, it’s been smooth sailing so far.

Back to School-3

Here we are, taking the obligatory first day pics in the front yard. I think they secretly love it. Why else would they have been ready for school 45 minutes early???

Back to School-1

My big kindergarten girl. I just… that’s my baby… I still can’t wrap my brain around it.

Back to School-2

And this guy? This guy is a third grader! What the…why the…I’m not old enough to have a third grader, am I? (Try not to judge me for only having one clean paint stick. That blue sure does look nice in the living room.)

Back to School-4

I just hope their teachers are prepared for some shenanigans. Goofballs, the both of ’em.


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One thought on “Back to School 2014

  1. AUNT ROBIN says:

    THANKS for sharing. So adorably cute!!! Blessed they are yours and you are theirs!!!

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