Visit to South Dakota – Part 2


On to the next part of our South Dakota adventure! I can’t even remember what Plan A was on the day I took the kids to visit the Badlands, but I’m glad we went with Plan B instead. The Badlands National Park entrance is about an hour drive from where we stayed. I loaded the car with kids, games, and snacks, and we headed out early(ish). I didn’t even tell them where we were going.

Coming in to the Badlands from the west, you drive through a lot of grasslands. Even by the time you reach the entrance, you still really don’t see any of the rock formations that come to mind when you think of the Badlands. We pulled off the road, took a picture with the sign (thank you, brave mama touring the midwest alone with your kids), and as we entered the park, I confiscated the video games….to much groaning and protesting.

For a little bit, we continued to see grasslands out the window. I got an earful about how boring this was going to be. Then, we turned a corner and….voila!



I am no longer a liar and complete failure as a mother. My rock-obsessed boy thought this was the coolest place he’d ever seen. Neely didn’t hate it, either.


We spent nearly 4 hours driving around and exploring Badlands National Park. These guys wanted to stop at almost every lookout. I even let them have their gadgets back, because they wanted to take their own pictures!






Can you blame them? It really is a beautiful part of the country.

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At one point, toward the end of our trek, we ran across a “fossil trail.” It’s basically a walkway, where they’ve set up some fossils that have been found in the area with plaques and info for you to read. There are also some good spots for little climbers to enjoy.






I am so proud of my little adventurers. We went to the Badlands because it was something I really wanted to see for myself. I wasn’t sure what the kids were going to think, but they surprised me. We had a great time!

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3 thoughts on “Visit to South Dakota – Part 2

  1. nevie b. says:

    Oh man I have always wanted to visit the Badlands! These pictures are stunning! Reminds me of when my parents took my brothers and me to the Grand Canyon when we were about that age – only they look like they are having way more fun than we were (my parents were rightly busy with being concerned I would climb over the rails and fall off the canyon at any moment). Gorgeous post!

    • snapeatrun says:

      Thank you! I was nervous at our first few stops where the drops were pretty drastic. Once you get down in there, though, everything is going up around you, and it’s definitely more enjoyable with little ones.

  2. Margaret says:

    love these pictures!!! so so pretty!

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