Visit to South Dakota – Part 1

We’re back home! Instead of unpacking and washing our clothes, I’m playing with pictures. Yes, it makes perfect sense.

These photos are from the first few days of our trip. The last few days’ worth are still chilling in the camera. I’ll get to them. Don’t you worry.

This first round is from the Dinosaur Park in Rapid City, South Dakota. A few of these are repeats from the other day, but a few are new.

We also made the obligatory visit to Mount Rushmore. John is the only one of us who had ever been. Surprisingly, Neely thought it was cool, and Aidan was unimpressed. Go figure. It started raining on us as soon as we got there, so my pictures aren’t wonderful. They’re mainly evidence that we went.

On another rainy day, we visited Wall Drug in Wall, South Dakota. It’s about an hour’s drive east of Rapid City. The day we went, that’s all we did. We just needed something indoors and dry to do. We spent a lot of time wondering how exactly this place ended up in such a “random” location. It wasn’t until a few days later that I realized how close it is to the Badlands National Park, and it’s really the only place to stop and eat or use the restroom on your way to/from the park.

The kids’ favorite part was “mining” for gems in their little sluice box. If you have a kid who likes rocks, this part of the country will be equally wonderful/miserable for you. Aidan wanted to buy rocks EVERYWHERE. Actually, both kids begged to buy rocks everywhere. Don’t they know those are free off the ground outside? 😉

Another crowd favorite were the Reptile Gardens. I earned “Coolest Mom Ever” in their eyes by bringing them here. I may have gotten knocked back down a peg when I refused to let them have a pet snake ~ they loved Marilyn the Burmese python so much they decided we should have one of our own. They got stuffed snakes instead. A pet you have to feed live animals? No, thank you.

I figure that’s enough for you to mull over for now. I’ll get through the rest of the photos soon, because I’m sure you’re chomping at the bit for more. Ha!

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One thought on “Visit to South Dakota – Part 1

  1. Margaret says:

    so fun!! look at those turtles that is too cool!

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