Friday Five!

It’s Friday. I haven’t written anything in a while, so random thoughts from the week are the order of the day!

1. Vacation Bible School – It’s VBS week at our church. Holy energy suck, Batman. I ran around with a group of about 10 kids all week…and another adult whose helper I was. I have a new appreciation for school teachers. You wrangle 25-30 kids every day for 9 months of the year? God bless you. I can barely hang for a week.


2. Wilderness Escape – In the same vein, so really not so random, the theme for the week is Wilderness Escape. I have this slightly inappropriate urge to shout, “The wilderness must be explored!” on a daily basis. So far, I’ve kept it under control.

3. The toilet paper debacle. The other day, my son disappeared upstairs to go to the bathroom. A little while later, he started hollering down the stairs. I was far enough away that I didn’t hear/understand what he said, but John did. And he sent me to help out anyway. (The excuse was that it was Father’s Day, but whatever.) As I began climbing the stairs, this advice followed me, “You might want to take tongs!” Say what??

My son had taken a big #2, run out of toilet paper, and I guess got up from the toilet to change the roll of paper. When I arrived, the silver tube that holds the paper was lodged into the pile of poo at the bottom of the toilet. Tongs, indeed. Next year, I will make sure something equally nasty occurs on Mother’s Day. Be ready, Beaver.

4. Jamberry Nails – Who’s using Jams? I bought some several months ago and sort of forgot about them. I spent an hour in the bathroom last night putting them on my and Neely Bug’s nails. They’re so fun, and much more economical than paying for a manicure. I need to pick out some summer colors, though. While I dig the silver croc I’m wearing now, it feels wintry to me. I think I’ve found what I want next…


I think Neely and I need those top two combos. I love them both!

5. Road trippin’ – It isn’t summer without a road trip! We’re loading up the car tomorrow and heading to South Dakota for a week. The man has to work, but the kids and I plan to be tourists and have some fun. I’m excited. This summer has been incredibly light on travel compared to last summer. It’s time for a change of scenery! I’ll share photos when we return home. 🙂

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