Five-Mile Friday

Y’all, I am shocked. I ran five miles this morning before most of my family even thought about getting out of bed.

Some of you are probably thinking that’s not really a big deal. Five miles isn’t all that far to the super-dedicated.

Here’s the thing, though….I haven’t been super-dedicated in a while. Through the winter, I was only getting in one run a week…on a good week. Some weeks, there was no running. I did a lot of thinking about it and wishing it were warmer outside so that I might feel like venturing out of the house and heading in the general direction of the gym, but not a lot of actual running went on.

Spring finally took hold in May. Yes, May. North Dakota is a crazy, crazy place. Since we only get a few months of warm weather, we cram all of our outdoor activity in these precious months.

In the last few weeks, I’ve gradually been building my mileage again. My longest run until this morning was 3 miles. I’ve been running pretty fast (for me), so when I set out this morning, my goal was to slow down and find my long distance pace again. I didn’t set a distance goal. I just wanted to see if I could run for an hour. At 55 minutes, I’d run 5 miles. I was right by my street, so that was close enough to an hour to make me happy. 🙂

Also, today was bulk trash day for part of our neighborhood. In the event that I ever lose all my belongings, I’m pretty sure I could furnish a house for free from the things I find on the curb. Today, I saw 2 clothes dryers, a table, two mattress sets, two bookcases, three TV’s, a TV stand, a basketball goal, and 2 mini van seats. I could use those as a couch in a pinch. 😉 These are the strange things that I come up with while I’m running.

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