Taking Care of Myself

I feel like such a big girl. I went to the doctor today for a physical! I’m being completely serious when I tell you that this is something I have never done as an adult. I know. What?!

I go to the dentist regularly. I have my eyes checked (sort of) regularly. I’ll make an appointment when I’m sick, but I guess since for a few years of my life I was constantly having my weight, heartbeat, and blood pressure monitored by the OB/GYN, I didn’t think it was necessary to have another doctor poking at me.

I’m five years beyond having my last baby at this point, so I figured it was finally time to be a real grown up and go to the doctor. I did the easy part today, and I’m in pretty good shape. I do have low-ish blood pressure (who knew?? no one has ever told me this before), but since I don’t faint or have dizzy spells, it’s all good! I’ve got to go back later in the week, when I’ve fasted for at least eight hours (yuck!), and get blood work done for cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid, etc. No news is good news, so here’s hoping I don’t get a phone call when it’s all said and done. 🙂

How about you? Has everyone else been getting a physical regularly? Am I weird?


2 thoughts on “Taking Care of Myself

  1. Robin Ritter says:

    Curious. What was your “low” BP reading? Just remember that you don’t get an accurate BP picture by “one” reading. Not sure why doctors even say things like that with one visit and one reading. You will get more accurate BP information if you take it at home same time each day for a few days. Must sit calm for a few minutes before taking it. Be sitting with feet on floor and arm on table or pillow about even with heart. I’m experienced.

    You should ask them to include your vitamins and minerals which need to be balanced for your body to work best.

    Hope you don’t get flooded with too many emails like mine and regret sending that out. Ha!

    Love you, Aunt Robin

    • snapeatrun says:

      LOL You know, I didn’t even ask, because I don’t understand all the numbers! I have had it checked in the same clinic a few times when I was sick or for my “girl” appointment, so the doc may have been looking at those, too. I was actually surprised it read low today, because I had a pretty frantic morning and barely made it there on time!

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