Magical Monday – Dream Week Begins!

I’m getting ahead of myself as far as the chronological order of my week at the Agent Education Program goes, but I couldn’t wait any longer to show you all the photos I took of the Disney Dream. It is such a beautiful ship.

However, I took waaaaaaay to many photos to post all at once. I’ll be breaking them into manageable pieces and sharing them each day this week. I’m calling it Dream Week. 🙂

The Disney Dream is designed to remind you of 1930s cruise ships. You’re meant to be transported back to the golden age of sailing and feel as though you are going on a voyage. The entry is grand, classy, and luxurious. A bronze statue of Admiral Donald greets you in the atrium. Your name is announced, and you are welcomed aboard by crew members. From the moment you board, you are an important guest.

What does the Dream offer for entertainment and activities? On the main pool deck, there are two swimming pools for families, a water slide, Nemo’s Reef (a splash pad area for smaller children), the AquaDuck (the very first water slide of its kind on a cruise ship), lounges and deck chairs for relaxing, and several locations where you can grab food, drinks, and ice cream. There are racks of tiny life jackets, in case your little one isn’t a strong swimmer yet. If your goal for your Disney cruise vacation is to have lots of “we” time, this will be where you spend your days. There is even a huge television above one of the pools where Disney shows and movies are played while you enjoy the water.

The pools on this deck will be covered when it is time for the ship’s deck parties – the Sail Away Celebration and Pirate Night – complete with character greetings, music, and dancing. On Pirate Night, you will get to see fireworks at sea!

On Goofy’s Sports Deck, you’ll find a miniature golf course, basketball court, virtual sports simulators, and incredible views. If you want a break from the water, this is a great place to spend some time.

Disney Dream’s main dining experience is different than most cruise ships. Disney uses a rotational dining system, where you rotate between three restaurants each night of your cruise. Your personal waitstaff travels with you, so you get to experience unique settings with familiar service. On the Disney Dream, these three restaurants are Enchanted Garden, Animator’s Palette, and Royal Palace. Enchanted Garden is inspired by the Gardens of Versailles. Animator’s Palette is vibrant and fun for kids, from the Mickey-inspired chairs to the paint pot centerpieces. The art in the restaurant is black and white at the beginning of the evening, and by the end of your meal, it will be in full color! Watch the screens nearby while you dine as well. Crush from Finding Nemo will swim by and interact with guests. Royal Palace is the most elegant of the three restaurants, with its princess theme. Check out the glass slippers on the chandelier! Disney outdoes themselves with the details every time, and the main dining restaurants aboard the Disney Dream are no exception.

After dinner, enjoy first-run movies and 3-D films in the Buena Vista Theatre, or make your way to the Walt Disney Theatre for a Broadway-style live production. And yes, there is a snack bar nearby where you can go for drinks and popcorn. I asked while we were touring. Popcorn is a big deal, folks. 🙂

Have you figured out what I decided to focus on today? Today is about family time. These are all main areas of the ship where anyone in your family can go and where you can all be together. This should give you a general feel for the ship and what Disney Cruise Line vacations are about.

Are you worried about keeping up with one another on the ship? If we split up, will we ever find one another again? Each stateroom is equipped with two wave phones. You can use these to call or text one another while aboard the ship. If you need more than two, wave phones can be rented for a nominal fee.

If you have never cruised before, Disney makes it really easy for you to navigate the ship and feel comfortable. The decks are given numbers instead of confusing names. Trying to determine whether you are on the port or starboard side of the ship? Look at the hooks outside the staterooms. If it’s a fish, you’re on the port side. If it’s a seahorse, you’re on the starboard side. You also want to know whether you’re heading forward or aft? Ok. Look at the carpet in the hallway. There’s a map of the globe down there. If it’s right side up, you’re going forward. If it’s upside down, you’re going aft. Easy-peasy.

As the week progresses, I will share more about staterooms, areas designated for kids’ and teens, and the adults-only areas. Until then, enjoy these photos! Most are referenced in the text above, but if you have questions about anything you see, please ask.

Are you ready to book your next Disney cruise vacation? Please contact me. 🙂

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