Eat – Muffin Fail

So. You know how there are people out there who love to bake and everything they make turns out beautifully? I am not one of those people.

I have this banana chocolate chip muffin recipe that I love. I don’t think I’ve ever shared it here. I should. Anyway, I seem to have a knack for letting bananas get super-ripe on my countertop, so this week in my effort not to let them go to waste, I had the audacity to mess with a good thing.

I thought I’d try to be all trendy and less gluten-y or whatever, and I replaced the whole wheat flour in my recipe with almond flour. Y’all, I know absolutely nothing about the leavening properties of almond flour. The batter tasted great. (Don’t worry, no raw egg!) It smelled great. Shoot, these little guys even looked great when I first pulled them out of the oven.

When I walked back through the kitchen 15 minutes later?


Not so great. It’s like a science experiment that went bad. They totally fell out.


This picture is a little better. They look like little muffin volcanos.

Who did I think I was kidding? I’m not Paleo or primal or gluten-free or any of those things. Why didn’t I just use flour? I have nothing against flour. I guess it was just because I happened to have a package of almond flour in the pantry. Don’t worry. I won’t make this mistake again. I’ll be sticking to the recipe that works! I promise I will share it when I get around to making them again. My baking ego is a little bruised, so you may have to be patient with me.

Also, a little “food for thought,” if you will…I Googled “how to bake with almond flour,” and the third entry down was titled “5 Reasons to Avoid Almond Flour.” The number one reason? “Almond flour skews perception about quantity. One cup of almond flour contains about 90 almonds!” Gross. No more almond flour. We are nutty enough around here.


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2 thoughts on “Eat – Muffin Fail

  1. Dad says:

    If you had Googled “Paleo banana nut chocolate chip muffins” you would have found this site These are really, really, really good. Ask your mom if you don’t trust me! I get 12 instead of the nine she says. I use at least a fourth teaspoon of salt. And, mine look way better than the ones pictured there!! Just like real muffins. I do have to cook mine about 27 or 28 minutes. If I cook them less they fall some but nothing like yours did. Ha ha!

  2. snapeatrun says:

    I wasn’t looking for a new recipe! I like Julie’s. 🙂 I just thought it would be easier to adapt. :p

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