Friday Five!

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This is new. It’s Friday. I feel like writing something, so I’m calling it the Friday Five. I may make this a weekly thing. I may not. We’ll see. I will limit myself to telling you five things. 🙂

1. My daughter is five. I couldn’t resist this one. She walked up behind me, so the number on the screen, and said, “Hey! That’s how many I am!”

2. On Monday, my newest nephew Henry made me an auntie again! It is times like this that I wish we lived closer to home. I have to wait until Easter weekend to meet him.

3. I have only had to watch/listen to Frozen twice this week. I think my mother-in-law bore most of the burden of excitement around this DVD release while I was away last week. It was a blessing in disguise, though, as I cannot even hear the first 15 minutes of this movie without suppressing sobs. I think this is because we saw Frozen in the theater the day after my grandmother died. The beginning of the movie is sad, yes, but I’m not usually this bad. Praise the Lord that it wasn’t Up we saw that day.

4. My little man’s birthday banner is still hanging in my kitchen. I might just leave it up until my birthday next month. I’ll start telling people I’ve decorated for myself early. 😉

5. I’ve been home almost a full week, and I am still dreaming about the Disney Dream. I may have to skip ahead in my chronology from last week so I can show it to you. The ship is aptly named. I really, really, really, really want to go on a Disney cruise.

Five things! I’m already done. Have a wonderful weekend!


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