Run – It’s time to buckle down.


I have really let myself go this winter. Neely no longer likes to play in the family room at the gym while I’m on a treadmill, and it has been hard to get over there most mornings. I try to use videos and do workout routines at home, but it’s really hard to be consistent. I can usually come up with something I’d rather do. Either that, or I get sidetracked doing something else and run out of time before I need to move on with my day. I have been exercising maybe twice a week – usually one run and one at-home workout.

I’ve really got to buckle down and get back to work. I did a pretty tough at-home workout on Monday, and yesterday, I wore myself out on the treadmill. I’m taking a day off today, but I plan to be back at it tomorrow. I have to get my cardio back to a good place, so I can start training for that half marathon I signed up for in November. November seems like it’s really far away right now, but I don’t want to let it creep up on me.

I’m writing about this here to hold myself accountable. I haven’t talked about running much lately, because honestly, I haven’t done much of it. I am really, really, really hoping that the weather begins to cooperate with me soon. It’ll be easier just to get outside and run than it is to drive to the gym, run, drive home, shower, etc. I’d really like to invest in a treadmill before winter hits next year. We’ll see how that goes.

For now, I’m taking baby steps. I’ve already run more this week than I did last week. I’d like to get two more runs in this week. Next week, I’ll probably stick to the same schedule, then start increasing the distance again the week after that.

What do you do when you’ve let your good habits fall by the wayside? How do you get back in the habit?

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One thought on “Run – It’s time to buckle down.

  1. Katie Miller says:

    Girl, I am with you…I have not been exercising like I should and I’m feeling sluggish. Here’s hoping the weather warms up so we can be outside!! 🙂

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