Pokemon Birthday

DSC_0193We had a birthday here the other day. My little man turned eight! He is really, really, really into Pokemon these days. I know next to nothing about Pokemon, but thankfully, the Pokeball cake wasn’t too hard to pull off. Just pretend that white circle in the middle is fondant, too. I forgot to divide it and leave some white before I added the black food coloring, and I didn’t feel like making a second batch for that tiny piece. It’s a good thing I had white frosting!

DSC_0200I love Aidan’s face in this picture. He’s so excited!



This was also the first time we’ve hosted a sleepover for any of our kids’ friends. Oh, my goodness. I’m still recovering. These little guys stayed up until 1am and were alive and kicking by 8am. I have vague memories of being able to do that once upon a time. I wandered around like a zombie all day yesterday, and that was after I’d had a few cups of coffee. I think it’s safe to say I should not go back to college, or have another baby. I can no longer handle the sleep deprivation.

I hope everyone else had a restful weekend!

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