When I was a kid, we used to go tubing. It usually involved hunting down a sketchy backwoods mechanic with inner tubes to spare, questionable parking on the side of a winding, two-lane road, and hiking the same section of the Pigeon River (or was it the Little Pigeon River?) a time or fifty to ride the “rapids” over and over and over again.

Here in North Dakota, it means something totally different. Like everything else, it involves snow! Last weekend, it was warm enough to be outside without it being painful, so we gave it a go.


There’s a place north of here called Bottineau Winter Park where you can have the whole Northern tubing experience. They have fun slides built, and you can rent tubes from them. Quite possibly the best part is the tube lift. I never knew there was such a thing. Each tube has a rope with a handle attached, and the lift has these hooks where they stick the handle. It drags you right up the hill!


Here are my boys, waiting to be dragged up the hill.


And my girl, also waiting.


Me and my girl, about to slide down for the first time. Neely was actually terrified at the beginning. We started sliding down the first hill, and she was gripping my hands on the handles like her life depended on it. So I, being the good mother I am (or a total nut), started to yell, “Wheeeeeeeeee!” She started laughing at me and forgot about being scared. It was all downhill from there. Get it? 😉

Everyone had fun. Even Aidan, who claims to be afraid of heights. Except for that one time I ran over him at the bottom of the hill. Oops!

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