A little Disney talk over breakfast…

Space Mountain

Conversations about our next trip to Disney World are totally normal around here…even though our next trip isn’t even “on the books” yet. This one occurred between my boy and I over breakfast, and it was too good not to share.

Aidan: Remember Mission to Mars?

Me: Mission Space?

Aidan: Yeah. That was fun. Remember how it spins?

Me: I do, but you don’t. I’m the only one of us who’s ever ridden that version. It’s awful!

Aidan: (laughing) Yeah…I think when I ride it, I might throw up.

Me: You know, if you think you want to try the spinning version of Mission Space, you shouldn’t be afraid of the roller coasters.

Aidan: Moo-oooom, I’m afraid of heights. Remember?

Me: Well, there a couple of roller coasters at Disney that are inside buildings. You can’t tell if you’re up high or not. They might not be so bad.

Aidan: Like Space Mountain?

Me: Yes! You would probably love that one. It feels like you’re in space!

Aidan: So you can’t breathe? Because if you were actually in space, you wouldn’t be able to breathe.

Me: Touche. It looks like you’re in space.

Smart aleck. I’m totally dragging him on Space Mountain on our next trip. Payback, buddy. 😉


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