Princess Running Costumes

This time last year, I was getting ready to run Disney’s Princess Half Marathon. I really, really, really wish I were going back this year, but it was not meant to be. 

Since I can’t go myself, I am living vicariously through my internet running friends who are! I love seeing pictures of the events, the costumes, the medals. It’s so much fun.

For kicks, I’ve been looking at princess running costume pictures, trying to decide who I’d have dressed as if I were racing this year.

Anna Running Costume

Anna from Frozen tops the list. I mean, really. How cute is this? That skirt is amazing. And my hair is already the right color. I could just braid it and go! No yarn wig necessary. 😉

Elsa Running CostumeThis Elsa-inspired costume is lovely, too. The manicure might be a bit much, though. And the sleeves would need to be shorter. Or maybe a tank and some arm warmers instead?

Fairy Godmother

This Fairy Godmother costume is awesome. No, she’s not a princess, but Cinderella would never have met Prince Charming if not for Fairy Godmother. This costume just looks really comfy. I’d probably spend the entire race with “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo” stuck in my head, though.

So ladies and gentlemen (because I definitely saw some male princesses last year), who are you running as this year? I’d love to hear! And see!

Even though you’ve seen it before, you’re gonna see it again…here’s last year’s Rapunzel get-up live and in person – post race, so please excuse the fact that I am a hot mess. Florida humidity is no joke. I still dig that costume, though. It’s a shame I didn’t take along my cast-iron skillet.

Post Race Rapunzel

If you’re running this year’s Princess race, good luck! You’ll love it!

(And if you still need a place to stay, e-mail me:


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