DSC_0153My little man came home from school today, and when he came in to see me, I noticed something looked a little…off. One of his front teeth has been wiggling pretty good for a few weeks now, and one side of it finally gave up the ghost. It was pretty hilarious looking.

He spent a good while in front of the bathroom mirror this afternoon wiggling and tugging at it. I have a pile of bloody tissues in the trash can to prove it. He put in a good effort, especially considering the trauma surrounding the loss of his first tooth.

Oh, you didn’t hear about that? One of his new bottom teeth started growing in behind the baby teeth. I was about to start calling him Shark Boy. My husband spent a good long while with a piece of dental floss and finally forced the baby tooth out, because it was getting to where we wouldn’t be able to grab onto it anymore. That sucker had one, crazy long root still attached when it came out. I’d never seen anything like it. Yuck.

Anyway, I knew this front tooth had to come out tonight. My husband was unable to help this time, but he, of course, reiterated what I already knew and insisted that I pull the tooth tonight.

I had to psych myself up for it after dinner. I’m sorry, but in my mind, tooth pulling is Dad stuff. I can’t remember my mother ever pulling one of my teeth. They either fell out, or my dad whacked me on the back of the head as he jerked them out.

I wrapped a piece of dental floss around that wobbly tooth, tied it once, and gave it a good jerk. Crying ensued. There was blood. Everywhere. I’m glad I had the forethought to bring an old towel. Did it come out on the first try? Of course not. It very nearly did. I let the boy rinse and spit a few times to get rid of the blood, grabbed hold of it with a paper towel, and gave one last yank.

DSC_0157The tooth came out! Praise Jesus! He looks so old now, though. 😦 This guy will turn eight in just two months.

Say what? I know. I’m not old enough to have an eight year old. And why is he losing these teeth? It seems like we were just celebrating his getting teeth. *sigh* If I keep going down this path, I’m going to get depressed. If the next eight years fly by as quickly as the first eight have…I don’t want to think about it. Teenagers are scary.

But for now…hooray! The tooth fairy comes tonight! I wonder if she uses a headlamp. 😉


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