Headlamp Shenanigans

I’m warning you – this is going to be random. It’s been a while, and I just want to write something. I’ve been working on a lot of vacation planning lately, but that’s not likely to interest you…unless it’s your trip. 😉

Instead, I will tell you about the crazy random thing that has been amusing the heck out of me the last few days – the Petzl headlamp that I got for Christmas. We opened gifts with my parents via Skype before traveling to Texas for the holidays, and they gave me this super great headlamp.

See, when it’s actually warm enough to go running outside, I have to get up super early to manage it before my husband goes to work. And it’s DARK. And sometimes, I like to be lazy and not put my contacts in. So it’s dark, and I’m blind. I’m fairly certain I have leapt over grease spots on the pavement thinking they were something dangerous more than once. It’s probably funny to watch, if you happen to be up at o’dark-thirty. All that to say, this weirdo asked for a headlamp for Christmas.

I completely forgot I had it until I starting picking up and putting away Christmas decor the other day. I rediscovered my headlamp under the tree! It was like Christmas all over again! When I unpacked it and put batteries inside? Even better. My headlamp can be bright. My headlamp can be dim. My headlamp can blink. My headlamp can also perform those tricks with a red light instead of light.


I’ve been having lots of fun with my headlamp. When I unpacked it, my boy was in the shower. So I did what any normal parent would do and turned the lights out on him, ripped open the curtain, and blinded him with my headlamp! Hilariously awesome.

I may or may not have also snuck back into my kids’ bedrooms after tucking them in and scared them with it.

And I definitely wandered around getting ready for bed with all the lights off…BECAUSE I COULD.

If you don’t own a headlamp, I highly recommend them. I’m trying to come up with more shenanigans I can use it for until running outdoors is in season again. 🙂

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