School Pictures

Today is picture day at school for Aidan. While the other moms were talking about what their kids would wear or how they would be fixing their (girls’) hair, I must confess that I am really not holding my breath for a good picture. Why? Because the older he gets, the less cooperative my boy is on picture day.

I didn’t buy him anything shiny and new to wear today. I just chose a polo shirt from the summer that is still in decent shape and a nice-ish pair of shorts. Even so, he had to layer a shirt of his choosing underneath the polo. I assume he intends to discard my choice of shirt after the photo is taken. He wasn’t incredibly happy that I made him wear real sandals and carry his sneakers for gym in his backpack, but he did it. He may have changed his shoes the instant he got to school, though. I have no idea.

Maybe my most favorite part is that you have to spend money and order a package of photos sight unseen. Do you want to see how his pictures turned out last spring? I know you do. These are almost good enough for Awkward Family Photos.

Scan 132670001-2Have you ever seen someone happier to be sitting by the lake?

Scan 132670001-3Or in the forest?

Scan 132670001Or by the sea?

Scan 132670001-4I don’t even know what to call this last one. Sketchy cabin? Maybe the wary, miserable look is warranted here. Who knows what’s going on in there!

Who decided these weird backgrounds were a good idea? Get my kid to smile, and I really don’t mind if he’s only sitting in front of a boring blue background. I promise.

You’re lucky I am not in possession of some of my own strange 1980’s school photos. I’m sure they are a sight to behold.

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One thought on “School Pictures

  1. Norma Sharp says:

    I love ’em, even if he looks a little like he is sitting in front of a firing squad holding his breath. They are great pictures. Sitting for pictures is tortuous for a boy, mom.

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