Running with Kids


School is out. Summer break is here. Now, how do I get an outdoor run in?

Just a few days ago, I had an epiphany. There is a middle school on the base, just a little way up the road from our house. The school has a track. The track is fenced. Mommy can run; kids can play outside. Sounds like a win-win to me. We tried it out for the first time yesterday morning.

I kept my expectations fairly low. I thought I’d probably get one, maybe two miles in if I was lucky. Little did I know the kids would want to run, too. I ran three miles before deciding to call it a day. Neely brought along a purse with some toys in it. She had been sitting in the grass playing, picking dandelions for a little while, and I wanted to leave on a high note. I didn’t want anyone becoming miserable and unhappy and never want to return to the track again.

Mileage Selfie

I’m proud of these guys, though. My boy (7) ran 2 miles, and my girl (4) ran/walked or was coerced/dragged by her brother 1.25 miles. As soon as we were in the car headed home, they asked if we could do it again. Score!

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4 thoughts on “Running with Kids

  1. Robin Ritter says:

    Very great. You are a good Mom!!!!

  2. Margaret says:

    fun! they look just like you in this pic! we are running too! I have gotten 5 miles as my farthest so far haha.

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