Mother’s Day

I know that I have sung my mother’s praises on the internet for Mother’s Day before. But she’s my mom, and I love her. So you get to listen to me again.

I’m feeling particularly nostalgic this year. Maybe it’s because I’m celebrating alone. (And by alone, I mean me and my two kids, of course..) Maybe it’s because my Daddy lost his mama this year. Maybe it’s because I have never lived 1,412 miles from my Mom on Mother’s Day before.. Maybe it’s all of the above.

Have I showed you a picture of my mom lately?


Here she is two years ago, hiding behind her coffee cup at the breakfast table on our family beach trip.  It’s funny, because this picture reminds of Grandmommy (my great-grandmother, my mom’s grandmother). Grandmommy always ran from the room and hid when a camera came out. I don’t know why you’re hiding, Mom. I think you’re lovely, even without makeup or your hair “done.” I never understood why you got up so early in the morning to get yourself ready for the day. I never thought you needed it.

Here she is again, last Christmas, loving on my nephew Levi. She sure is good at loving on some grandkids. And at picking their noses, but I digress…


Here’s another one. It’s kind of old, too. You can tell because Neely Bug is TINY. But look at that sweet Nana face. I love it. I love photos. Sometimes, they capture things you don’t necessarily notice in the moment.


You know who else I’m thankful for this Mother’s Day? My Mamaw. She’s the only grandmother I have left this year, which makes me sad and all the more grateful for her at the same time.. If it weren’t for Mamaw, I wouldn’t have my Mom.


She will not love that I shared this particular picture of her, but it’s from the same beach trip two summers ago. We made a low country boil, and Neely sat in Mamaw’s lap and ate all of her dinner that night. Look how happy my little scavenger is. Mamaw kept having to ask for more food…which kept getting stolen!

I am very fortunate to have had these beautiful, Christian women as my influences growing up.

And since I’m feeling sentimental for Mother’s Day, I think it’s also necessary to give a little credit to this guy – the handsome one, mashing the potatoes. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be a mother myself.


Love to all! Now, go give your mama a kiss. Or call her. Or give her a Skype kiss. You get the picture. Happy Mother’s Day!

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Dad says:

    Wow…I’m almost crying! I can’t wait until Father’s Day ; ). You’re the best daughter ever!!!

  2. Robin Ritter says:

    I loved this!!! Wish I was there to give you a hug!!! You are loved and a good Mother!!!
    Love you, Aunt Robin

  3. […] Last year, I talked all about my mom and her mom. If it crosses your mind today, please pray for my mama and her brother and sisters. This is their first Mother’s Day without their mother. I’m not dwelling here. I’m trying not to make myself sad today. […]

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