Let’s Talk TV

Let’s talk TV. I know, I know. This is something that I never do here on the interwebs – foray into the world of popular culture. I suppose I’m feeling brave, or spontaneous, or maybe it’s just that I’ve spent the weekend finally catching up on all the shows I’ve recorded and really, really want to talk about it!

I must say, there is a major theme running through the shows I’m currently hooked on. Pretty much, if there’s no singing, I’m not watching it. Unless it’s Duck Dynasty.

My top three shows? The Voice, Nashville, and Smash.

I’ve been a sporadic Voice fan through all of the first three seasons, but the current season is my favorite so far. It is the only show that I watch in real time. During the first week of blind auditions, when Usher called Nashville a state, I nearly peed my pants and knew I couldn’t miss another episode. Also, I’m pretty sure my four-year-old daughter has a crush on Adam Levine. It’s funny. And weird. I mean, she’s four! Is this normal? I have no basis for comparison. I can’t remember having a crush on anyone when I was four. Did I? Mom? Dad? I hope I’m not about to majorly embarrass myself just by asking.


Next up? Nashville! I’ve only been watching for the last couple of months. I got into the show because I was feeling a little homesick, and it’s pretty cool to be able to watch an hour-long TV show and catch little glimpses of home. Now, I’ve become obsessed with Connie Britton/Rayna James. She is lovely. I wish I looked like her. More than anything, I want her nail polish collection. Strange, I know, but true. I love this interview with her from Garden & Gun.

I’ve also been watching Smash. I’m not quite as emotionally involved this season as I was last season, but I still like it. There’s enough singin’ to keep me entertained. And I love Debra Messing. Can I have Debra’s hair and Connie’s fingernails? Pretty please?

So what about you? What is everyone else watching these days?

I’ll leave you with this – my favorite Si Robertson quote. I had to fit the Duck Dynasty in here somewhere. 🙂

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