Run – Princess Race Recap

Dumbo Outside

found in Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom

Here I am, sitting back at my desk in North Dakota, hardly able to believe that my trip to Disney World has come and gone already. It was SO MUCH FUN. Seriously.

Running Down Main Street


The race was awesome. If you like a good, fun run, run Disney. The general vibe is not super competitive. There is so much to see along the course. All your favorite characters are there. Everyone is friendly. People go over the top with costumes. I love it. I would love to attend another Run Disney event this year, but I’m not sure if it’s in the cards.

Post Race Rapunzel

I worried and worried and worried some more about the weather predictions for the morning of the race. For a while, they were saying it would be really hot that day. As the weekend approached, the temperature dropped and rain was added to the forecast. In reality, it ended up being in the high 60’s and super humid. It felt a little bit like running in a crowd. I finished in 2:26:12 – more than 10 minutes faster than my first half marathon in Dallas last year. I’ll do even better next time. And maybe the next time I run Disney, I’ll have a buddy running with me. Anyone?

Minnie Ears Epcot


5 thoughts on “Run – Princess Race Recap

  1. Courtney says:

    Awesome job! I read in an earlier post that you used Galloway’s plan to train for this…I was just wondering what run/walk intervals you ended up following? Thanks! 😀

    • snapeatrun says:

      I used his calendar to keep my mileage on track, but the run/walk thing annoyed me more than anything. I had my watch set to do the 3-1-3 minute intervals. I would switch to them sometimes if I was feeling tired, but most of the time, I set a comfortable pace and stuck with it, walking a ways to drink water and refuel every couple of miles.

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