Run – The Dream Race


I first heard of the Disney Princess Half Marathon several years ago, when an old friend posted her race day photos on Facebook. At the time, I ran very infrequently, but I remember having this thought: “If I were to run a half marathon, it would be that one.”


In the spring of 2010, about a year and a half after having my second child, I began to run. My excuses for carrying around 20 extra pounds of “baby weight” were beginning to sound flimsy, even to my own ears. I ran nearly every day of that spring and summer, even when the Louisiana heat neared the 100’s. I was desperate to escape my own body, and running helped me do it.


Once running was no longer a means to an end, I began to enjoy it, and I kept doing it. It felt good to gradually be able to run for longer amounts of time and greater distances without having to stop, walk, and gasp my way down the sidewalk. I caught the bug, and now, I’m hooked.


Last January, I decided to attempt my first half marathon. I saw more and more friends running races all around the country, and the more I saw, the more my competitive side began to rear its ugly head. I kept thinking – and not because I think I’m better than you, I know I’m not – “If she can do that, I can.”


Still, I didn’t want to attempt the Princess Half Marathon right out of the gate. I wanted to have at least one race under my belt – to see if I could do it, if I liked it, if it was a totally insane goal, etc.


In March of 2012, I ran the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon in Dallas. It was awesome. I felt like a rock star for having accomplished it.


When it came time to register for this year’s Disney Princess Half Marathon, I knew it was time. This is the race that, as a major Disney-loving nerd and pretty princess at heart, I really wanted to run. I cannot express to you how excited I am that it is nearly time for me to leave North Dakota and head to Florida for the race weekend. I have probably had more fun than a grown woman should planning for the trip and preparing my costume, but there you have it.


This is the race I dreamed about running even before I was a runner, and I am thrilled to finally be taking part in it, even if it is going to be incredibly hot. I keep repeating a Dr. Seuss line in my head. “Here are some who like to run. They run for fun in the hot, hot sun.”

Anyone who wants to see a constant stream of Disney photos, come along with me on Twitter or Instagram. I’ll see you out there, Princesses!


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2 thoughts on “Run – The Dream Race

  1. Candy says:

    SO excited for you!!! you are going to do awesome!!! Funny, that I’m running Dallas Rock n Roll this March for my first 1/2. Guess that means I need to run Disney next year! lol! 🙂 Safe travels to you!!! 🙂

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