Projects – Heat Transfer Vinyl Tees

With my trip to Orlando for my first Run Disney half marathon coming up in less than a month and a new Silhouette Cameo just begging to be played with, I’ve done what any other Disney nerd would do – make t-shirts!

Hunting the web, I found all kinds of glittery heat transfer vinyl to play with, in addition to the smooth vinyl that can be found on the Silhouette website. First, I made one for me.


Race you! 😉 You’ll probably win. I’m not super fast, but I’m cool with that.


Next up, Team Rapunzel tees for Stef and me! I’ll be wearing a Rapunzel costume for the race (I’ll share the finished product soon), and I thought I’d wear this for the remainder of race day. Gotta represent my girl!


And finally, Peace, Love, and the Mouse. This one looks better on than it did lying flat for the photo. Please excuse my unkempt hair. I had a lot of fun making these. And I only cut something out backwards once. 😉

Three weeks left until race day. I can’t wait to get to wear my shirts!


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