Photo – A Different Perspective


The theme for Paint the Moon’s “This is Our Life” Project 52 last week was “A Different Perspective. On weekday mornings, we are usually in a frenetic rush to get everyone out the door on time for school, work, etc. This particular morning, Aidan was waiting for the bus to come, and lately, Neely likes to watch for it with him. They were busy doing the kind of thing that would normally cause my blood pressure to start rising – making handprints, drawing, and licking the storm door. Instead of getting upset, I stood back and observed.

This is a different perspective for me, simply because this wasn’t my normal reaction. I’m glad I grabbed the camera instead of stopping them, even if I do have an extra mess to clean off the front door as a result.


My girl always has an awesome bird’s nest on the back of her head in the morning, and those Hello Kitty pajamas may look like booty shorts before she agrees to give them up.


I know I’ll miss those little handprints one day. Now, where’s my Windex? 😉

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