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After failing last year’s pretty miserably, I really didn’t intend to tackle another Project 52 this year. I have, however, fallen in love with the theme “This is Our Life” that is being hosted by Paint the Moon. I’ve been keeping a list of each week’s theme, and I am collected some photos to go with them. In my own time. I’m not posting to the Flickr group or pressuring myself to get each one done. If something doesn’t happen to inspire a photo to fit a week’s particular theme, no big deal.

The first week’s theme was evening rituals. I snapped these photos of my kids brushing their teeth one night, and I love them. Both of their personalities are captured perfectly – Neely’s silliness and determination to do EVERYTHING by herself, and Aidan’s innate seriousness. And they’re just brushing their teeth! It’s too funny.



The theme for the third week was “If I could freeze time…”


I snapped this photo of the Bug just a couple of days ago. She adores tea parties and picnics. She set up her blanket in the middle of the hall and was serving lunch to her kitty cat. She doesn’t always invite me, but when she does, I know I need to make an effort to attend her tea parties. I’m sure I will miss it one day.

This Is Our Life - A 52 Week Lifestyle Photo Project by Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions

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2 thoughts on “Photos – This is Our Life

  1. Auntie Maggie says:

    so sweet!!

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