Run – Magic Mile

1 mile mark on red running track

As you know, I have been using Jeff Galloway’s plan to train for the upcoming Disney Princess Half Marathon, and I learned a new term this week. “Magic mile.” It popped up on my calendar to do one after today’s four-mile run, and I had to do a little searching to figure out what it is! Essentially, after your regular run, you run one mile as fast as you can. You put that time in a fun little formula to guesstimate what your actual pace will/should be on race day. If you want to see more details, click here.

I ran today’s magic mile in 8:47. No kidding. That’s the fastest mile I’ve ever run. I worked hard for it. Multiply that by 1.2 for a half marathon, and you get 10:30-ish, which is AWESOME! Because that’s the pace I’m shooting for. I have a few more of these magic miles on the schedule before race day. I’ll average them all out and will hopefully have a good idea of where my pace will fall, and pray that the warm weather doesn’t throw me off too much.

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3 thoughts on “Run – Magic Mile

  1. John says:

    Good luck with the half!

  2. runDisney_Belle says:

    Awesome! I’m going to have to try this.

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