Photos – Motion

When I began to upload and sort through my photos from our holiday travels, my initial reaction was disappointment. I have zero lovely, idyllic shots of my children enjoying Christmas. None at all. What I do have are a bunch of fuzzy, blurred motion shots. There were a lot of cloudy days in Tennessee this Christmas. Combine that with low-lit houses and the typical candlelit ambience that most of us employ in our holiday decorating, and the fact that I loathe using a flash, and this is what you get.









The more I look at these photos, though, the more I like them. This was Christmas. The kids weren’t sitting still, being careful not to mess their clothes, or smiling serenely. They’d have been bored out of their gourds.

So while I don’t have any beautiful photos to remember exactly what these little ones looked like in December 2012, I don’t have to look too hard to see how much fun they had.

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One thought on “Photos – Motion

  1. Robin Ritter says:

    It was good seeing you in Nashville and being a part of the blurrrr. Happy New Year. Aunt Robin and Uncle Seth.

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