Trains, Planes, Automobiles, and Mary


It’s almost time. I sat down at the computer for one last photo-dump before packing the camera up. Sorry, nothing really worth sharing right at this moment. I may put up the last few elf pictures tomorrow. I may not. Tomorrow evening, we’ll be getting on one of those bad boys up above and heading to Minneapolis. The kids are extremely excited. I hope that they’re not so excited that they can’t sleep, since we will be traveling overnight. It is all of our first time riding on the Amtrak train. It should be an adventure. We’ll be on the road/tracks/in the air for right around 24 hours before we make it home to Nashville for Christmas. It’s a little nerve-wrecking.

I plan to get through it by remembering Mary. This time of year about, oh, 2,000 years or so ago, she had to do some traveling of her own. She had to walk, or ride some beast of burden, for days. Super pregnant. Poor girl. I will be thankful that I am not traveling pregnant, that it will only take one day, and that I have a room waiting for me when I arrive.

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