Family – Elf Shenanigans

Here we are, 11 days into December, and it occurred to me that I haven’t shared a single thing that Buddy the elf has been up to at our house. He arrived the day after Thanksgiving, before I’d even gotten any Christmas decorations out. He seemed to like my bird, though.


Last year, Buddy spent a day hanging out with Barbie. Apparently one lovely lady isn’t enough for Buddy anymore. he does seem to prefer Ariel, though. Good choice, Buddy. She’s always been my favorite. 😉DSC_0107

We did not manage to get our tree up and decorated all in one day. Until we started digging through the boxes, I had forgotten that I threw out the tangled mess of ornament hooks last year with the intention of replacing them this year. The tree and lights were ready to go, but we had no ornament hooks. Buddy was concerned. Aidan left a reply.



We made hot cocoa one evening, and I think Buddy spotted the marshmallows. The next morning, we found him roasting them over a candle. Sorry we woke up before you got to eat them, Buddy.


Buddy has also had the misfortune of getting himself stuck inside my lantern. He must have climbed in to play, and the latch fell on him. No worries, though. We left it unlocked so that he could get out the following night.


I know that a lot folks feel strongly one way or the other about the Elf on the Shelf. We love ours. It’s all in good fun. He helps perpetuate the magic of Christmas at our house. I’ll share more elf shenanigans once I’ve rescued the photos from my camera.

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One thought on “Family – Elf Shenanigans

  1. Jamie says:

    Love it!!! I especially like Aidan’s note!

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