Run – Training Update


It’s been a little while, so I figured it was time to give a bit of an update on the ol’ half marathon training. I wouldn’t want the girls traveling all the way to Florida with me to think I’m slacking off.

I have been following the Jeff Galloway plan on RunDisney pretty much exactly. I sometimes shift from Monday, Wednesday, Friday to Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, but other than that, I’ve done a fairly good job of sticking with the program, which I’m fairly proud of, since it had me doing 6.5 the day after Thanksgiving. I have a 10- and 12-miler on the schedule for Christmas break, which I hope I can pull off while we’re traveling.

The only thing that has taken some major adjustment for me is the whole great outdoors vs. treadmill issue. When it’s been above 30 and the sidewalks are cleared, I run outside. That usually happened about once a week when I began in October. Now, not so much. I have used the indoor track when I can, but I’m using the gym on base. They have the track closed for physical fitness testing most of the days I’m in there. It’s frustrating. Running in a circle feels better than running in place to me.

Last Friday, I used the treadmill for a long run for the first time. I monopolized that baby for 90 minutes, ran 8 miles, watched a whole episode of Rachael Ray and half of The Price is Right. I used to hate the TV’s on the treadmill, but it does help break the monotony when you’re going at it for that long. The upside is that I definitely maintain a steady pace.

So there you have it. I am on track. I feel good about the plan I’ve chosen. Here’s hoping I can keep it up!

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