Home – Nesting, Again.


We’re in a new house. We’ve unpacked – as much as possible with the furniture mishaps. Now, I’m nesting. It is time to create and make it home.

First order of business – a wreath! Before we moved, I bought some natural raffia mesh from Red Door Interiors. If you’re in Louisiana and you’ve never been there, stop reading this and just go. I’ll be here when you get back. πŸ™‚ If you’re not in Louisiana, you can order the same thing from Trendy Tree. They call it deco paper mesh. Anyway, I was eager to use it, so I whipped up a fun new wreath for the kitchen the other afternoon.

To make a deco mesh wreath, you need a wreath form, floral wire, scissors, mesh, ribbon, and whatever else you might want to add to make it pretty. A good cup of coffee helps the process, too.

Begin by cutting 10-15 pieces of floral wire, about 7 inches long, and wrap them in various intervals around your wreath form. At Trendy Tree, you can also buy work wreaths with the wire already attached.

Next, take the end of your mesh, scrunch it up, and secure it to the wreath by twisting the wire around it tightly.


Move about 12-18 inches down the mesh, bunch it up again, and attach to the wreath. You’ll have to fiddle with the scrunching until it looks the way you like it. You can use more or less mesh, depending on how full you want your wreath to look.


Keep going, around and around…


…until you like the way your wreath looks or you’ve run out of mesh, whichever happens first.

Do you see that chevron burlap ribbon there? That came from Hobby Lobby. I wanted to be able to change this wreath up for different holidays and seasons, so I didn’t attach it permanently. I just stuffed it in around my wreath and attached a bow with another piece of wire.


Ta-da! My first wreath for the new house. Proudly sitting on the bar with the ol’ Scentsy.

If you need more help figuring out how to make your own, there are tons of great videos on You Tube. Just search “how to make a mesh wreath.”




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