Sunrise and a Run


This is what the sky looked like from my front porch at 8:30 this morning. It was beautiful. Then, the sun promptly ran and hid behind a wall of gloomy gray. I’m still adjusting to that. Seeing the sun is a rare treat lately.

Then, since it was only 40 degrees this morning, I took my new kicks on a spin outside. I even jogged past another purple-faced masochist today. She even waved. It probably sounds silly, but it made my day to know that someone else was out there suffering right along with me.

I’m not sure whether to give credit to my new, lighter shoes (more on these babies later), or my updated, faster-paced playlist, but I ran my fastest 5K today. 31:00. Exactly. I know, because the fancy watch tells me so. 😉

Anyway, Happy Halloween! Everybody stay safe, and don’t let the spooks get you!


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