Home School – Week 1

Last week was our first week of home school, so our “first day of school” pictures look a little different this year. The week definitely had its ups and downs, but we all survived and plan on carrying on this week.





What kinds of things do we do at school? We fish for letters.


We make letters out of our snacks.


We paint with water on the patio. The only downside? In Louisiana’s August heat, your art disappears way too quickly.



And the dog tries to drink your “paint.”





On other days, we spell words with our snack. These Scrabble Cheese-Its are super fun! I just wish they came in a bigger box. They only last about two days at our house.






Since Neely was working on learning the letter A this week, we made apple print paintings.




*gasp* My poor table! Next time, I will be smarter and cover it up.



We read lots of books. We were A-heavy for Neely’s sake. It isn’t in the picture, but we kicked off the week with all the letters and read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Great book!



And on Friday, to celebrate our progress, our success in learning the letter A, and surviving the week, we made an apple crumb pie.





The best part about it for me? I get to take pictures of all the fun stuff my kids are doing at school. 🙂


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One thought on “Home School – Week 1

  1. Norma Sharp says:

    What wonderful memories you’ve made!

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