Just Fishin’

Life seems to be moving at a pretty frenetic pace lately. As the end of the school year approached, there was always too much to do, five minutes ago. Now that summer break has arrived, we have slowed down a bit…for now. With a move approaching in the fall, we will soon be entrenched in a frenzy of cleaning, packing, fixing, etc. I am making a conscious effort not to let this be the summer that got away – the one that nobody enjoyed. As much as possible, I hope to fill our calendar with things like picnics at the lake and fishing with cousins. And when things do get crazy, I can always look at this sweet picture and remember a time when I was relaxed, watching two little girls chat as their princess poles held bobbers aloft in the water.

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3 thoughts on “Just Fishin’

  1. v4vikey says:

    Beautiful Photograph….

  2. Auntie Maggie says:

    love it!

  3. Pop says:

    Hello!!! Is the Alligator beneath the surface thinking, “Hmmm…soft on the outside, crunchy in the middle…”?!? Guess we won’t have to worry about that in Minot.

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