Photo – Thunderbirds

Over the weekend, our base hosted an air show. My boy wanted to go pretty badly, but his behavior at school last week was a bit off-kilter. His Daddy struck a deal with him. If he came home with a good report on Friday, he could go to the air show. It was not motivation enough.

Since we live so close by, though, we can hear when the jets are near. Every so often, we ran out into the back yard to see what we could see. The only thing I thought to snap photos of were the Thunderbirds. I love a good sun flare, even if it does make the rest of the photo a bit hazy.

What was my boy most impressed with? The B-2 that almost looked near enough to graze our chimney. He’s decided he’d like to fly one when he grows up. Lord, help me.

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One thought on “Photo – Thunderbirds

  1. Norma Sharp says:

    Yes, please Lord help her!

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