Photo – Home

I have fallen off the Project 52 wagon. One week I was completely uninspired, the next I missed the theme announcement, and after that, I quit trying. I accidentally stumbled upon last week’s theme – home.

Once upon a time, if you’d asked me what home was, I’d have told you “Franklin, Tennessee.” I’d have taken a photo somewhere in my hometown, or of my parents’ house – the house I grew up in.

We have lived in Louisiana for several years now, but in the last year, I feel like we have finally put down roots by buying our first house – even though those roots may soon be ripped out from under us. (If you are a praying person, please pray that we don’t have to move. We love it here!)

Ultimately, though, home can be anywhere as long as my family is with me. I think this photo of Neely and me adequately portrays the theme. The irony is that it was taken in the hammock in my Mom & Dad’s back yard while we were visiting for Spring Break.

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One thought on “Photo – Home

  1. Auntie Maggie says:

    love that pic!

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