Superhero Birthday Party

My little boy’s birthday is coming up this week, so over the weekend, we celebrated with an awesome superhero birthday party. Even though he really doesn’t play with or follow any particular superhero, this was Aidan’s request. And since fun ideas for boy birthdays are far more scarce than for girls, I wanted to share the festivities with you.

WARNING:  If you are a comic book lover, you may want to look away. Some comics were sacrificed to live a second life as superhero bunting.

Since it’s in the first photo, I’ll start by talking about the bunting. Quite honestly, I’m fairly certain none of the comics I cut up were worth anything. I bought them dirt cheap in a lot on EBay. I still have a huge stack leftover, as I had no idea how many I’d want or need. I cut each page into a big triangle while watching television one evening, then I just stapled the triangles onto ribbon and draped them around the house. Throw in some primary colored balloons, and you have an easy party display.

The kids and I also each picked out a new Superhero t-shirt from Old Navy for the party. I found mine in the men’s clearance pile for $3.99. I had to pay full price for each of the kids’, though. Oh, well. I’m sure we’ll be wearing them again.

Cupcakes. I always serve cupcakes at my kids’ parties. It saves all that cake-cutting hassle. Plus, they’re simple to make on your own and save some money. I always use boxed cake mix and homemade frosting. This time, I tried a new Marshmallow Frosting recipe. It’s my new favorite. My cake mix made 24 cupcakes, so I doubled the recipe to be sure I had enough frosting. I had extra, so the night before the party, we made chocolate chip cookie sandwiches with it, too. So yummy, or should I say SUPER yummy.

The printable cupcake toppers came from Tweet Events on Etsy. She also has a printable party banner to match, but I didn’t buy it since I planned to annihilate some comic books.

For the party favors, I made superhero capes and masks for all of the kids. I had planned to do blue and pink, but there was no pink felt at my fabric store. I used red instead, which matched my color scheme better anyway.

To make the capes, I cut a trapezoid-ish shape from the material, then attached elastic straps to keep it on. I had absolutely no desire to be tying and retying capes on kids all afternoon. The elastic worked really well. I added a lightning bolt to the back of each cape to make it a little more fun.

You can see in the gift-opening mayhem that most of the little boys kept their capes on. The girls could have cared less. I should have made them tutus. 😉

Birthdays have always been kind of a big deal in my family, so the biggest worry in all of my party-planning stress was, “Will he have fun?” It doesn’t really matter what everyone else thinks of the party, as long as Aidan loves it.

We pulled it off. This is one happy little boy. A super happy little boy. His party was a super success. I can hardly believe he’s about to be six!

If you’re looking for superhero related party activities, try an obstacle course! And let me know how it goes! I had one all planned, but it rained for a few days before the party and since our yard holds water, it was still a little too soggy to do it. I didn’t want to end up with a bunch of muddy kiddos and angry mamas.

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2 thoughts on “Superhero Birthday Party

  1. Lady Deidre says:

    Super ideas! No pun intended. 🙂 You’re very creative!
    God Bless You!

  2. Auntie Maggie says:

    Love that picture of Aidan he looks so happy!

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