Training – The BAD Week

I haven’t updated with regard to my race training in a little while, so I figured it’s time. I’m glad I have a place to hold myself accountable and keep it real, because folks, last week was UGLY. Maybe it was the weather. It was cloudy, dreary, and rainy most of the week. Maybe it’s because this is the longest that I have been this consistent with my training. Whatever the reason, I was sluggish, I didn’t feel good, and I just plain didn’t want to run. But I did. I ran through the pain and the mental nightmare, and I made it through the week. Barely. Seriously, try running a few miles with this mantra, “I don’t want to be here. I want to go home. I wish I could just stop running!” It’s not helpful. It’s definitely not going to help me finish a 13.1-mile race.

Luckily, on Friday morning, the sun came out and worked a little magic on my mood. I ran 9 miles, and I wasn’t miserable. Hallelujah! Thankfully, I’m feeling good again this week…aside from the cold I’m starting to get, but whatever. A cold seems like nothing compared to having my mental focus working against me. I’m working my way to 10!

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One thought on “Training – The BAD Week

  1. Katherine Hunt says:

    WooHoo!! wow 9 miles!! you are my hero!!!

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