Eat – Tomato Soup

Tomato soup, also known as heaven in a bowl. It’s the ultimate in comfort food to me. However, with all the sandwich shop versions I’ve enjoyed now, I am no longer crazy about the kind that comes straight out of a can. I’ve become a tomato soup snob, I suppose.

A couple years ago, I stumbled upon this recipe, by Edie at Life in Grace. I never imagined that I would love spicy tomato soup, but I do. If you’re not a spicy person, just skip the Sriracha. It will still be delicious. Also, dried basil works as a substitute for fresh. I can almost never find fresh basil at my grocery store.

It’s been so gray and gloomy here all week, that I made a batch of tomato soup yesterday to help myself feel better. If I’d been feeling really bad, I’d have added a super-buttery grilled cheese sandwich to the mix. I resisted. 🙂 Instead, I put a few buttery croutons on top of my soup.

The next time it’s cold and rainy and you need a bowl of happy, try this out. You won’t be disappointed.

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