Eat – Smoothie Packets

On Pinterest, I recently saw this idea for making your own freezer smoothie packets. Since I have lately become addicted a fan of Yoplait’s smoothie packets – and my pocketbook groans every time I buy one – I decided that this would be a good thing to try myself. Of course, the week I chose to make them, good-looking fruit was slim pickings at my grocery store, so I bought what I could fresh and used already frozen fruit for the rest.

This is my work station, all set up. Like I said – slim pickings. I froze plain non-fat yogurt in an ice cube tray, so I can add a couple of cubes to each packet. I sliced my kiwi and bananas and froze them on a cookie sheet, so they wouldn’t get stuck to the other, already frozen fruit. (Not that it matters, since you’re going to be blending it up later anyway. I’m a dork.)

I ended up with eight packets, each holding about 2 cups of fruit. Each of these will serve two, because whenever I make a smoothie, Neely has to have one, too. If you’re the only one drinking them, you would definitely want to scale back how much is in the pouch. If you’re calorie-counting, which I am not at the moment, you would want to measure your fruit a little more carefully. You could use a Sharpie to write your calorie count on the bag, so you don’t have to figure it out later.

When it’s time to make your smoothie, just dump the contents of the pouch into your blender, add skim milk, juice, or water, and crank it up! This is an easy breakfast or snack that you don’t have to think about…except when you’re putting together your packets. 🙂

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One thought on “Eat – Smoothie Packets

  1. Katherine Hunt says:

    I love those yoplait smoothie packets! this is a great idea! I may have to do this when we get back from vacation!

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